live poker online

Online poker has grown to be one of the most popular games around. While it was once the domain of a select few, now anyone who wants to can get into the game with minimal investment and have access to hundreds of games at any time. Many players now choose to play only online – but there are still plenty who prefer live poker. For those moving from the live arena to online, there are a few key differences they need to take into account.

One major difference between live and online is the pace of the game. In live games, each hand is dealt manually and the chips are counted by a dealer, so there’s often much slower action than in an online game. On average, you’ll play about 30 live poker hands per hour, compared to 100+ in an online game.

Another difference is the overall game structure. While online poker has a wide range of tournaments and cash games, live casinos typically only offer a few options at any given time. These options can vary from Hold’em and Omaha to stud and mixed games. Additionally, most live casinos will only offer a few table types – from six and nine-handed to heads-up.

The last major difference is the amount of variance that you’ll experience in live poker. While it is possible for a great player to lose in live poker, it’s far more likely that variance will have a significant impact on their results. This is especially true in low stakes games.

To minimize the effect of variance, it’s important to make sure you’re playing a well-rounded game. This means focusing on your strengths and making sure you’re adjusting to the aggression of the game. It’s also crucial to know how to make a profit in a multi-way pot, which is common in live games. For example, it’s important to avoid shoving AK preflop when you’re deep, and to play more loose-passive hands on draw-heavy boards. Finally, you should try to avoid slow playing monsters and missing obvious river value bets.